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Alce Harfield: Contemporary paintings in an eclectic mix of styles – Exhibitor Oxford International Art Fair 2017


alce-harfield-studioAlce Harfield. Born in Sussex, England. Living in Somerset, Exhibitor of the Oxford International Art Fair 2017.

“Since becoming a professional artist in daydreaming-alce-harfield1989, colour has always been my driving force. Working predominately in acrylic on canvas and paper, I create contemporary paintings in an eclectic mix of styles depending on my mood. My inspirations are widespread, from a photograph in a magazine, a walk with the children, a colour combination, to travels in my head! I love the passion I can give to landscapes with the use of strong vibrant colour, forming dramatic skies and faraway rolling hills, but am equally inspired to capture the rows of houses in Bristol or the delicacy of the beautiful blooms in my garden. Restricting my subject matter doesn’t appeal to me as there seems to be so much to capture and always another challenge around the corner.”

“I have developed a unique three dimensional acrylic paint (through trial and error, mixing different mediums) which has great light reflecting qualities and works well combined with ‘off the shelf’ acrylics, the qualities of which I am still exploring. I work from my purpose built studio in my garden in Somerset and travel widely selling my work in a variety of outlets, from art fairs to galleries, arts trails to solo exhibitions. My work has been published and is in many private and corporate collections worldwide.”

“I won the Mendip Retail Business of the Year in 2016 and have just been announced as the Somerset Life landscape painter of the year.”

colour-to-lift-the-soul-alce-harfieldThis is an interview with Oxford International Art Fair exhibitor Alce Harfield.

How would you describe yourself… And your artworks…?

I live my life in the moment…I love to have fun and try not to take my life or my work too seriously. My artwork is a reflection of my character…spontaneous, passionate and colourful.

Can you tell us what you have going on right now…?

I am working on my next series of Glastonbury festival paintings right now inspired by the 25 years I have traded there. I am also organizing my 4th art fair near Bath called The Bath Art Fair in April. The concept of an art fair works for me and I love to interact with my customers…..painting is a solitary job! I’d like to bring the concept to Somerset where there are none , drawing on my 25 years of experience of selling art. Exciting times!

Greatest achievements so far…?

To be able to support my family doing the job I love….a massive achievement in my eyes!

My happy place is…?

On a beach, any beach….any time of the year.

Why should people invest into your artworks…?

Because they love it!….no other reason.

You can connect with Alce Harfield on social media:

Website url:

Twitter: @alceharfield



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