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07-08 JUNE 2019 | 2019年6月7日-8日

Ron English’s POPaganda is one of the headliners of the 5th edition of the Tokyo International Art Fair 2019. English’s Cereal Killers and other characters from his renowned POPaganda art will be bursting onto the Toyko art scene next month when one of the world’s most prolific and recognisable artists takes centre stage at the Tokyo International Art Fair.

English, famous for his signature mash-up of high and low cultural touchstones, joins other leading artists and galleries from around the globe making for the fifth edition of the city’s must-see art event.

Set in the stunning Belle Salle Roppongi, just a stone’s throw from the Mori Art Museum, the Tokyo International Art Fair brings together under one roof some of the most exciting and challenging artwork ever seen in the city.


More than 100 artists and galleries will take part, transforming Tokyo’s artistic landscape. Art collectors and enthusiasts alike will get a one-off opportunity to view the wide range of art on show, talk to the artists to learn what inspired them and buy unique art for their home, workspace or garden. They can also enjoy an exclusive preview by attending a champagne private view when the art fair opens its doors on the evening of Friday 7th June.


Paintings, sculpture, photography, illustrations, jewellery and bespoke crafts created using a wealth of different media and techniques are just some of the artworks at the two day event, with each artist carefully selected for the calibre, style and individuality of their work.

In launching the fifth edition of the hugely successful Tokyo International Art Fair, Joëlle Dinnage of the award-winning Global Art Agency says, “This year’s event will be a highlight on the vibrant Tokyo art scene, bringing a spectacular collection of contemporary work from established as well as emerging artists from across the globe – exhibitors from over 23 countries including many from Europe and Asia. I am thrilled to see a lot of Pop Art style work this year, which I am sure the local people will also be excited with.

“Gato Samuray” by TOT (Colombia) represented by HighArtGallery (Japan)

“Big names, among them Ron English represented by APPortfolio (China), Cho, Hui-Chin (Taiwan), Gallery 21 (Japan), Damien Hirst represented by Dutch Curator and many more, will be there, so the quality and the sheer diversity of the work on show will be outstanding. We want to fill the city with colour and get everyone talking about and buying art. The event will inspire and enrich everyone who steps foot through the door.”

Alongside the art on show, the fair will feature live painting, also live music by DJ ‘Katsuya Everywhere’, expect Geisha’s to pour champagne on the opening evening, and there is the chance for every visitor to attend the Global Art Awards Ceremony on Saturday 8th June. The culmination of the event, the Global Art Awards recognise and acknowledge the hard work of all artists and galleries taking part, singling out one overall winner and two runners-up for particular praise.

In the meantime, Dinnage and her team has picked out her personal selection for must-see work this year:

An abstract artist originally from Iran now based in Japan, Faraji takes her inspiration from nature, in particular the ocean. Designs, colours and textures of layers upon layers with dramatic movements often play out in her works. Paint is not just a colouring material; by applying paint layer by layer, the artist creates a sculptural expression.

Harry Arling

Dutch artist Arling creates Kosmotronics, works of art made from plastic waste. It’s the Art of Alchemy, where the discarded, unwanted and waste of a consumer society is transformed into the dreams of the child in us all, in the fantastical and beautiful. Colour lifts the spirit and detail delights the eye. The mechanical whimsical; the joyous unreal made solid.

Jatin Khan

Khan’s (India) art focuses on the fundamental commonality of all humanity, specifically emotion, evolution and ascension. It simultaneously aims to transcend all concepts of regionalism, stereotype herd culture and societal programming, with a unique unrepeatable quality. Each work is a different experience in itself aimed at evoking pure emotion, carrying its own unique energy signature.


The Indonesian artist’s work is a continuous tour between our inner landscape towards our idea of “light”, our very nature of existence in this present universe. It’s about the portrayal of your own ‘bigger’ or higher self, God according to your own image, across the portal, digging through dimensions. Surrounded with ice, maybe water, a spectrum of colours not yet known to earth standing beyond him, the one who always guides him, his own future self.

Alexander Yaya, Crisolart Galleries (Barcelona, Spain)

A prominent representative of the so-called “highbrow” art movement, largely focused on figurative and abstract sculpture and painting, Yaya’s works are distinguished by organic forms and spectacular colours that create a harmonious balance between nature and human. The artist is prone to decorativeness; his works work equally well as monumental graffiti on the wall of a house or a stylish fabric print.

Michele Righetti

Singapore-based painter and sculptor Michele Righetti is an incisive contemporary thinker of art able to master inter-disciplinary techniques and styles through paintings, sculpture and graphics. A unique and fascinating imaginary world is celebrated through artworks telling stories deeply rooted within life experiences, memories, culture and fascination for nature elements.

Ron English, APPortfolio, China

One of the most prolific and recognisable artists alive today, Ron English has bombed the global landscape with unforgettable images, on the street, in museums, in movies, books and TV. He coined the term POPaganda to describe his signature mash-up of high and low cultural touchstones, from superhero mythology to totems of art history, populated with his vast and constantly growing arsenal of original characters.

Araki Nobuyoshi

The 3D sculpture is a handmade, hand-painted ceramic based on Araki’s childlike drawing in his publication Dotei Datcho-Kun, 1995. The elephant artwork DELON KUN presents a symbol of a man, showing when several men compete to win the best woman first. However, they are so fiercely competitive that they cannot move together and finally all fail and show a state of sagging, just like human sexuality and physiology.

Andrei Tunikov

Striving to convey dynamics and character through plastics, Tunikov turned to the image of birds and discovered an amazing world of their feelings and emotions. His choice is migratory birds forced to move around in search of warm places for hunting and propagation. The artist emphasises and expresses this life path full of discoveries, challenges and victories, reflecting the details of anatomical and physical resemblance to life.

The Tokyo International Art Fair takes place on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th June 2019.

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