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Photo-realistic oil painting in the style of James Abbott McNeill Whistler – Instapainting makes it possible

holiday-bgOnline service “INSTAPAINTING” (San Francisco) allows you to get a real independent artist to paint a portrait oil painting (or any painting) from just a photo you upload on our website. You can get anything from a photo-realistic oil painting to a watercolor in the style of James Abbott McNeill Whistler, just from a photo upload. Artists actually hand-paint these on canvas and can turn most ideas into real paintings ready to hang. A small painting starts at $49 and is delivered in about 3 weeks with online previews and unlimited revisions.

The idea that we’re allowing more artists to be able to do what they love and also make a living from it. There’s a lot of complexity in making purchases over the internet with people you’ve never met. We’re driven to make the process enjoyable and successful for everyone involved so that artists can flourish and meaningful art can make a dent in our mass-manufactured world.

We believe it is very personal and subjective. Everyone has something different that they will connect with. Therefore we don’t try to define what is art and set boundaries, rules, or influence on what we have on our platform. When reviewing artists for inclusion on our platform we just check that they are passionate and serious about their work.

To keep things simple and manageable in the beginning we only took orders for photorealistic portraits. That meant you uploaded a picture and the artist paints the person depicted in the photo. We’ve since grown the scope of our service to allow special modifications such as changing the background, removing objects or adding things from other photos, or even swapping the heads of a person onto the body of a famous painting subject such as Mona Lisa. Recently we launched our new tool powered by artificial neural networks that allows you to preview your photo in the style of famous artworks before it gets painted (you can try it out at Ultimately we’re hoping to allow any type of artwork, not just two-dimensional pieces. We want to allow artisans to be able to craft custom made pieces limited only by the imaginations of the people involved. The ultimate in quality is something custom tailored, and our ultimate goal is to bring that level of service to as many people as possible.

Can you tell us what you have going on right now?

We recently launched our instant preview tool that lets you preview your photo done in the style of famous artworks ( Fresh off the heels of that technology we’re launching an iPhone app to coincide with the launch of iPhone 8. It uses the iPhone’s portrait photo mode to let you take portrait photos of your subjects while turning just the subject into the style of famous artists like Picasso while keeping the background in tact.

Our painting robot has been making progress. While the technology is in a bleeding edge developmental stage, you can follow along in our blog here

We’re aggressively expanding our network of artists. If you are an artist and want people to find you and commission you please join us. We protect all our artists in every transaction and you are paid 100% of the price you quote for each commission.

INSTAPAINTING will be exhibiting at the Amsterdam International Art Fair – Beurs van Berlage – 25-26 Augustus 2017 

Go to:

Twitter: @instapainting


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