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“The Queen of Color” infusion artist Gianna Veno at the Miami Art Expo

Presenting the first edition of “The Miami Art Expo” 19th-26th June 2015 at the Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery situated nearby the famous Wynwood area on the northern side of Downtown Miami — in the heart of the city’s arts, entertainment, and cultural district.

An international Exhibition of Contemporary Art that will showcase some of the best artworks by a great selection of emerging artists from around the world including many from UK & Europe.

Among the selected exhibitors is Gianna Venno aka ‘The Queen of Colour’. Below an interview with Gianna.


Gianna Veno born in Scranton, PA – living in Harrisburg, PA. “The Queen of Color” infusion artist. Her art I an invitation to step out of your reality and into hers. It’s a reality infused with colors on colors on colors painted brilliantly with oils and acrylics infused with molding paste, sand and gel. A passionate Italian whos artwork is a drug that will ease your mind from worrying.

Where do you get your inspiration…?
My ex lover Hennessy and music. Jack White is a must when I create.

Where do you see your art going in ten years?
Being known all over the world/ maybe on planet Mars.

I know my artwork is finished when…?
It’s never finished… I just have to force myself to sign my name and say its done.

Best Commissioned artwork ever done was…?
For Martin Luther King III- It was an honor to create an oil painting of his father Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and present it to him after one of his speeches. It felt like a dream.

Would love to exhibit my work in …?
Italy, London, Tokyo- my artwork is a gift from brain so I would like every known city to have a taste of it.



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